Taking the Car out of Carbon

A sustainable future for the world has to reduce car usage, increase walking, biking and transit ridership. Correctly pricing carbon will be key to making this happen.

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The 13% Emissions drop

My post from the Future Cities blog, about the much reported 13% emissions drop. All reportage and analysis is missing the biggest point (one responsible for the biggest fraction of that 13% drop) - emissions went down because demand went down. 

Most emissions come from transportation, cities can help reduce that dramatically!

I cite three different pieces of reporting - from the NYTimes and the WashPo; and analysis - from the Rhodium Group. All of these, IMHO, miss the central point:

All of these pieces of commentary, in my opinion, miss the most exciting writing on the wall: Reduced consumption gets us the biggest reduction in emissions. Looking for systemic ways to reduce consumption, rather than seeking a marginally less carbon-intense supply, should be the holy grail. And where can we best find ways to do that? Why, in cities, of course.

  • 3 April 2013